Countermanding the function and normalcy of the everyday, I resurface objects and reposition them within absurd amalgamations of materials and things. To escape the confinement of predictability rooted within the banal and the domestic, I perform invented orders and abide by reasoning that is mostly without conventional logic. Misdirecting a singular reading I play with distortion and perversion aiming for coherent disorder and confused arousal. Dots connected that do not make logical sense; I aim to build strangeness and duration into the moment of recognition. In my sculpture mundane things become foreign, idealized substitutes for shielded, secretive subject matter while revealing a longing for closeness, a desire for difference and yet also for certainty. Charged with sensuality; absurd cadence, colour and texture I conjoin domestic goods in provocative placement to transmutate daily life and amplify its corporeal and libidinal effects.

Jasmine Reimer, June 2015