Aleks Ognjanovich

War & Leisure

October 31 - November 14, 2009


A bar. I will not speak in sentences. Spotted with aquariums occupied by stealthy and venomous creatures. This is where my whiskey pulls the gun. A snap crackle of a shot in the centre of a chest. The problem begins with the sublimation of the sound that sudden violence brings. Quickly down this bottle.

A car with a trunk full of bloody bats. These children. Aspirations. A generation of lottery winners. Bread winners, but more like croutons. This wine was left out in the sun. A deadly breed of cul de sac dwellers.

Dead before they hit the lawn. Greek tragedy for everyone. When does the old man’s blow job stop? 

Are you a man of action? How many daiquiris have you killed?

I want your severed head in my pants. I belong in France.

The poor boy was blasted into mittens before he could play his pint.

Melt on top of each other. Pink elastic is a hit in fall.

Reading it was like listening to a spurned dictionary masturbate. Bravo!


Ass bandit bangers with pinto beans

The headline is all you need to know

The boundaries are limitless

Monopoly is not a game

Dying by the hoof of a deer

Dirty aquarium

An ant carrying a cheese-filled celery stick

I was detected early on and forced to underachieve

It is too late to start caring

Hero headed for jail

Caged artist burns absinthe

With the wind

Sophistry of the lurid kind

Junk Bombs

Vegetable Livestock

Tomatoes running around on their turkey legs

Putting the pistol in fun

Why strange meat tastes like chicken

This is an indoctrination video

There is no government

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