To Assert Herself

Works by Suzy Lake and Tony Scherman

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 12, 5-7pm

February 5 - March 12, 2015

In the exhibition To Assert Herself Suzy Lake and Tony Scherman explore the intersections between the outward female form and the inner self-image. Using the female as their primary subject in states both vulnerable and strong, these artists interrogate female form as a reflection of women across history and women who have made history. Scherman's layered encaustic painting of Simone de Beauvoir serves to anchor Lake's photographs and to recall de Beauvoir's famous edict "One is not born a women, but becomes one."

The women represented here are outspoken; their depictions reveal an empowered sense of self while balancing concerns related to appearance, dynamic of power and feminism/femininity today.

Suzy Lake


Tony Scherman