Jasmine Reimer

Small Obstructions

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 6-8pm

February 2 - March 18, 2017

Georgia Scherman Projects presents Small Obstructions her second solo show with artist Jasmine Reimer.

In all of her sculptures, Jasmine Reimer is both the protagonist searching for a resolution and the antagonist telling her a solution is impossible. In her most recent body of work, Small Obstructions, Reimer makes a new natural out of extant material. While using found and cast objects and re-forming them with sand or papier mâché, she creates a simulacrum of a thing through the experience of a shifting, embodied state.

All twenty-four sculptures inhabit the exhibition’s title: Small Obstructions. The sculptures house blockages - or obstructions - such as cast blueberries, cherry tomatoes, chocolates, figs and avocados, which emerge provocatively from their surfaces, holes and cavities. Two black sand sculptures, Promises and Threats, are disturbed by the perfect forms of ruby-red tomato orbs. These sumptuous protuberances are stand-ins for greater or lesser predicaments, troubles and situations and they, more than adequately, illustrate the grey-ness between such divides. Whether Reimer's seductive fruits depict the potential delight of a promise or the heart-stopping noise of a threat is unclear.

In conjunction with this exhibition there is a book of poetry written by Jasmine Reimer: Small Obstructions, Copyright © 2016 by Jasmine Reimer, Printed in Canada by Swimmers Group, Toronto, ON.

Jasmine Reimer is a Canadian artist currently based in Toronto Ontario Canada. She completed the Master of Fine Art Program at The University of Guelph in 2015 and the Bachelor of Fine Art Program at Emily Carr University in 2009. She has exhibited internationally including exhibitions at Fondiazone Bennatton in Venice, Italy and The Art Students League in New York. Recent solo exhibitions included Coherent Disorder and Confused Arousal at Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto Canada and Two Kinds of Anything at G Gallery, Toronto Canada.


Photo Credits: Laura Findlay | Shawn Sagolili

Jasmine Reimer would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.

Jasmine Reimer would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


Small Obstructions Poetry Book

by: Jasmine Reimer

In conjunction with this exhibition there is a book of poetry written by Jasmine Reimer: Small Obstructions, Copyright © 2016 by Jasmine Reimer, Printed in Canada by Swimmers Group, Toronto.

Small Obstructions Poetry Reading at GSP

Friday, February 24, 7-8:30pm

Reading starts at 7:30pm

Please join us for an evening of readings from Jasmine Reimer's "Small Obstructions", a book of poetry published in conjunction with the artist's exhibition at GSP. Writers Magdalena Suksi and Stephen Thomas join Jasmine in reading selected poems. Readings start at 7:30pm

Magdalena Suksi
Magdalena Suksi writes poetry in Toronto. Her work has appeared in C Magazine, The Trinity Review, and The Four Poets. She will appear in a play titled, The Announcement Made to Mary, with Toronto writer Fan Wu, at The Images Forum in April in Toronto ON.

Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas is the author of The Jokes (short stories, BookThug, 2016). His writing has appeared in McSweeney’s, VICE, Hazlitt, Canadian Art, Real Life and Toronto Star in addition to other publications. He is also a co-founder of Double Double Land and is currently working on a series of profiles of immigrants and refugees for the Torontoist.