Like a Statue

Works by Andrea Maack, David Poolman, Aaron Weldon

Curated by Stefan Hancherow and Jennifer Simaitis

Opening Reception and Performance by Andrea Maack: Thursday March 19, 6-8pm

March 19 - April 18, 2017


Georgia Scherman Projects is pleased to present Like a Statue, a group exhibition featuring works by Andrea Maack (Reykjavik/Milan), Aaron Weldon (Halifax/Berlin), and David Poolman (Toronto). The exhibition utilizes an olfactory installation, painting and sculpture as a means to reveal the dissipation of memories and a desire to solidify them.

Maack’s work stems from multi-sensory experiences where abstract images are the basis for her eponymous fragrance brand. Her installations are presented as high-end perfume shops, or fashion runways with minimal furnishings and calculated branding. Maack sustains the semblance of a commercial operation as a means to extend her conceptual art practice. In this exhibition, sound, video, scent and performance document her recent voyage to an 8,000-year-old cave in Snæfellsnes, West Iceland. This installation illuminates her upcoming fragrance, Dual (2015), which embodies the stark contrast and seductive mystery of the cave.

Weldon’s floral painting series (2009-2015) was made mostly in Finland, Berlin and in a small fishing shack in Nova Scotia. These repeated still life compositions, rendered from one of his father’s photographs taken the year he was lost at sea, become abstracted and re-imagined, acting as an elegy to a lost soul. Weldon’s vanitases demonstrate the transference of memories from a single perspective, and an attempt to capture the ephemeralness of a bouquet of bachelor buttons, sweet peas and poppies.


Poolman’s ArmourConquer, and Bounty (2013), a series of aluminum and bronze Blue Boy statuettes crawling with mice, are frozen in a moment of uneasiness. Verging on the grotesque, Poolman deliberately exercises pathetic poetics by creating situations “where a step in any direction would prove fatal.” Mouseball (2010-2014), a humble narrative as opposed to exaggerated urban myth, is an abject representation of the artist’s biographical extermination in the form of a tangled ball of vermin.

Andrea Maack


David Poolman


Aaron Weldon