Established in 2006, in a large industrial space, Georgia Scherman Projects is a three-pronged undertaking. The first project represents established contemporary names such as Spring Hurlbut, John Massey and Tony Scherman, and emerging talents like Marman + Borins and Fraser Stables. A second project attempts to contextualize the gallery artists within a broad and idiosyncratic cultural field. It draws from the historical and the contemporary, from North America and abroad. The third project collaborates with outside curators and artists to encourage spontaneous discourse. GSP exhibitions have included: Putting Figures on Paper, 2007; Lifting - Theft in Art (curated: Atopia Projects), 2008; Hank Willis Thomas, Visionary Delusions (curated: Olivier Fuller), 2009; A Subject Full of Suggestion: Works from the Latner Family Collection, 2009; and Shaun Gladwell, Portrait of a man…(curated by Ihor Holubizky), 2010.